Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 tomato seeds have been started

Kieth the seed guys blog - tracks progress here:


varieties for 2011 are:

ananias nore <-- new variety
black <-- new variety
better boy
early girl
first lite <-- new variety - supposedly early, we'll see
cherokee purple <-- best purple one i have found
black seaman <-- new variety
bloody butcher
japenese black trifele <-- new variety
isis candy <-- new variety
sun gold <-- *AWESOME* will always have this one
big beef
black zebra <-- *AWESOME* will always have this one
orange flesh purple smudge <-- a new one, unique coloring
super fantastic

i will be planting 21 plants (down from 48 a couple years ago) and some varieties will get 2 plants - others only one. i have a good number of new varieties (at least for me) and also a good number of trusty hybrids - if 2010 taught me anything, tomato growing is a crap shoot, and you gotta have your bets covered.

its been awhile - but not to worry

way too long - thats just what its been.

but as winter hits, i really dont get a whole lot done in the garden. the garden has been cleaned up, bees mostly made ready for winter and then the holidays. in addition, we got some new flooring, in the kitchen great room, stairs and landing - which meant i had to paint and lots of it. still not done with the painting, but you get the idea.

if you recall the post:

i was pondering on the compost bin i was to make - well, i decided upon 4 bins, approximately 48 inches in width and height. i didnt want to burn a lot of money on new wood for a compost bin, so i have been scrounging for used redwood and once complete, about 2/3 of the bins will be reclaimed redwood.

a lot of the stuff was just laying around the house, my dad kicked in a bunch of 4x4's which i ripped into 2x4's. all in all its coming together quite nicely. i have 2 bins complete and will roll thru the rest as time permits. the compost pile in the above link will soon be moved over into bin #2 to continue its compost work - bin #1 will be the recipient of 2011 green waste.