Tuesday, May 31, 2016

now just waiting for the party

squash seeds went in the ground - table queen acorn, table king acorn, butternut and yokohama; the last one came well recommended from baker creek seeds.

from japan in the mid 1800's.  not a variety you would find at your local nursery.

so the garden is pretty much done, just the last layering of straw to finish it up.

we will see how once a week watering works for squash.  coir has been added to the soil and with the layer of straw, i hope 2016 proves to be a water efficient year in the vegetable garden; just as 2015 proved it could be.

Monday, April 25, 2016

2016 season begins

second year of no-till.  pleasantly surprised that it results in less work and even better - successful plants.  weed mgt during the off season with a weed torch helps stay ahead of any issues.  i would think folks with a heavy clay type soil that benefit from working in organic matter, might feel differently - but us fluffy store bought soil guys can actually make no-till a way of life.

4 beds had their soil level augmented with a multitude of g&b chicken fert bags and the first four tomatoes went into the ground on 4/26.  4 more plants will hit the dirt in a few weeks when they get bigger.

on deck for the tomatoville mudhens:  cherokee purple, black zebra, celebrity and super fantastic!