Monday, July 19, 2010

caller #5!

no applause necessary - really folks - its all in a days work. but yesterday, 7/18 - i was caller #5 on the get growing with framer fred show. his garden grappler was to name a determinate tomato.

easy question, as i usually have a tomato catalog handy - hard part was i was at home depot when he asked the question. apparently, it took folks some time to come up with the answer and dial into the show, as i was able to complete my shopping trip, go home find a catalog and still call in.

the prize was an awesome master gardener catalog, which i really wanted, but some time ago, the fred made a deal, the next time i got caller #5 he would offer me a vintage krak 1140 marketing glossy with all the dj's on it. it seems when i was a kid, fred was the late night dj - while i knew joey, rick, jim and hal when krak was the 50,000 watt country music powerhouse in nor cal (alabama? conway twitty?, mel mcdaniel? anyone, bueller?, bueller?) - fred's work day was a bit after my parent imposed bedtime and i didnt ever hear him on the air.

so true to his word, the 1981 vintage marketing glossy is on its way courtesy of usps. thanks fred, this prize is the best one yet.


  1. I think you've started something. I want one!

  2. You nut! Do you know how valuable that piece of property is? Better take care of it sir! That's only going to gain in value as the years shift into fast-forward...

  3. I guess I won't tell you that I'm using an old KRAK t-shirt to clean the spokes on my recumbent bike...

  4. -ack! - fred - thats ebay gold. i bet if that shirt was pristine - you could pull in some dough. dude, theres not too much left linking us back to the hey day of AM radio . dont do that....