Sunday, August 29, 2010

an utter failure - at least for me

i had the idea to pair up my corn and winter squash in the same bed. seemed like a good idea when i heard about the three sisters idea on farmer fred's show.

so i planted my corn and two weeks later - in went the squash seeds.
well, it turns out that waiting 2 weeks wasnt necessary, as the corn completely outstripped the growing rate of the winter squash. and as you can tell in the attached picture, the puny squash plant has struggled since it broke ground.

as i am downsizing tomatoes to only 20 plants next year, that will free up an entire bed for winter squash, so i will probably not co-mingle corn and squash. BUT - if i do, you can bet the corn seeds and the squash seed will go in at the same time.

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  1. Garry, It might just be one of those things that you chalk up too: ONE WEIRD YEAR. My corn crop was a complete and utter FAILURE this year. Now, how can you screw corn up? I am living proof Garry -- that you can -- because I did. I didn't get cob sized corn -- I got "cobbettes." And they were awful. Now -- in all fairness -- it was bitterly cold this summer in the riverbottom. I'm blaming it on the lack of heat. But who really knows? I can tell you that the squash plant that sprouted from seed directly in front of the corn plantings is now the size of New York City and may swallow up the house soon. Meanwhile -- other things planted near the squash are doing piss poor. So, you tell me Garry. You tell me. I'm blaming it all on one weird year...