Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sweet gold

a yellow cherry tomato that was planted to compare to sungold. typical cherry production, but didnt seem as prolific as sungold. taste wasnt bad, in fact quite good - but not as good as sungold. late season production seemed to taper off sooner than sungold. if i hadnt already been a sungold fan, this would be in the winners column. in light of sungold - it pales in comparison.

grade = 2

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  1. Garry,

    I've got some sort of cross growing in our cruddy clay soil this year that is throwing out LARGE orange cherry tomatoes. Think golf ball size and you've got it. It's very good. I'll save you some seeds should you be interested. It is an obvious cross though -- and may not be stable. This is the second year that it has sprung to life in different spots in the garden.