Sunday, May 15, 2011

and i planted tomatoes a week ago


on may 15. who du thunk it.

my tomatoes are covered by black plastic pots, so i am not overly concerned, but, darn - this is supposed to be may - you know, warm, shorts weather. we'll see of this stunts the tomatoes too much.

thankfully the pots covering the tomatoes will provide good protection from the hail, marginal from frost.

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  1. My husband was camping in Colfax in that hail (well, on his way home, happily. They just got rained on while they were camping but were packed up before the sky started pelting everyone with icy pellets) Crazy weather! Luckily my garden plants seem like they weathered everything okay. My tomatoes seem totally unfazed. I hope yours are fine too! The peppers, eggplants and broccoli got their leaves torn up a little, but they'll live. I was surprised it wasn't worse. Some of the hail we got here in Sac was as big as marbles!