Monday, November 28, 2011

our house - as google sees it

its amazing to me the detail that our satellites can ferret out from way out in space.  this is the latest google earth photo of my house.  it was taken sometime in summer of 2009 - as i can tell from what is done and not done in the photo. 

even more amazing is you can see the lattice work on my cucumber trellis up in the garden (2nd bed on the right, light brown smudge).  that is made from 2x2 cedar and, well you can see its there.  to the left of that is a green garden hose.

as you can also tell, i still have a lot of projects to be done around the house - but, its obvious that i had my priorities straight that day.

the boat is hitched to the truck and looks like i just got home from a fishing trip. 

its a good life, no complaints here.

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  1. I notice that your neighbor's house is bigger! Hah!