Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 tomato seedlings sneak peak

they have sprouted!  2012's tomato dream-team is working hard to be ready for planting in early may.  flatlanders know official tomato planting day is april 28 - but at 1800 foot elevation, its a crap-shoot even in may.

this year will see 14 tomato plants.


yep, remember when i had 41 in the ground.  well that has dwindled over the past 3 years, as i found out more isnt necessarily better.  i have 12 raised beds and used 6 for the tomatoes - and i did cram in 41 plants.  year 2 saw 36, last year was 25.  i found cramped plants, rotting tomatoes i couldnt get to fast enough - and really, i think i will have more than enough with this number. and to top it off, water isnt cheap and i need to be a better steward of it.

its going to be 14 going forward.  here is the list of 2012 varieties i will be planting:

cherokee purple - a great heirloom, in my garden every year

first prize - new variety i am trying - hybrid

black pear - new variety i am trying - heirloom

Japanese black trifele - first tried in 2011 and was great, should be planted every year - heirloom

black prince - new variety i am trying - heirloom

boxcar willie - new variety i am trying - heirloom

carbon - new variety i am trying - heirloom

early girl - my usual go-to for an early variety, some years isnt as early as planned - hybrid

sun gold - no garden is complete with out this cherry variety, its sweet like candy, a must have - hybrid

black zebra - my all time favorite. - hybrid

black zebra - so good its the only one i have two of in my garden - hybrid

super fantastic - good consistent producer, planted every year - hybrid

champion 2 - good consistent producer, planted every year - hybrid

Frontyard Freebee - variety for 2012 unknown, but this comes from my favorite local nursery and who doesnt like a freebee?

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