Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the 2010 growing season has begun

the word on the street is my tomato seeds have been planted. today, officially, is the start of the 2010 growing season. next stop, the official planting day - farmer fred's bday - april 28th. this year we will use some walls of water and hopefully pull in the growing season. at nearly 1900 foot elevation, i face some challenges that the flatlanders dont. i will be cutting back on the numbers this year to 24 plants - 2009 had 41 plants and it was way too much. as a reminder, here is the first string for 2010.

gregoris altai
early girl
big beef
big raspberry
champion 2
costolto fiorentino
super fantastic
black zebra
black from tula
chreokee purple
sun gold
sweet gold
mr. stripey
better boy
bella rosa


  1. I'm growing Nyagous and Black from Tula too this year! I had so much success with my "black" varieties of tomatoes last season that I admit I may have gone overboard in that area for this coming year. Black Cherry will be returning too- along with the Japanese Black Trifele! I went to Bakers Creek on Sunday in Petaluma- OMG, you have to go- the seed packages...they're soooo pretty, and there's so many of them! Happy growing!

  2. i got bit by the black tomato bug too. although black cherry didnt tickle my taste buds - black zebra was totally awesome - it will probably be in my garden every year - henceforth, and cherokee purple - love them. please let me know how you do w/ black trifele - its a really cool looking tomato, i just didnt have room for another this year; i promised the wife; no more than 24 tomato plants this year. katie mentioned that she hit the seed bank - if i was a bettin' man, i'm thinking you two ladies were on a field trip. i will be ordering from them this spring. i always love this time of year - getting geared up for a new garden is always fun.

  3. I got a Japanese Black Trifele plant from Whole Foods last year that I grew. The tomatoes were awesome! It was one of the last plants to produce, and I only grew it in a pot, but it was really tasty! It was really interesting to watch it grow- the shape was unlike any other tomato I had grown before. And yes- Katie and I took a road trip last weekend for seeds and beer (Seed Bank + Lagunitas Brewery). I put in a bunch of road time last weekend as my husband and I also hit up Peaceful Valley to get a couple fruit tree's he bought me for my birthday :) I've got major Spring fever!