Saturday, January 16, 2010

cleanup continues

well, with chain saw in hand, the erck boys hit the backyard over the past few weeks and 8 trips to the dump and one burn pile later, we at least have the brush gone from the yard. we still have quite a bit of logs to cut up and stack (much to the chagrin of my sons) - but hey, they have to earn thier keep - i want something back for all that food they eat - and boy do they eat.

here i am handling my binford 6000 BFC in action. handed down to me by my grandpa. this is an early 70's vintage chain saw and it lights off easy and cuts with the best of them.

photo number two is of my youngest son getting into the action with the binford.

the third photo is of the oldest son, giving direction to jed the wonder dog. looks like jed is taking direction just like the son whose giving him orders :)

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