Friday, March 25, 2011

seedling update

mr. groundhog predicted an early spring - stupid groundhog....

at least my seedlings are making progress - as little has been done in the garden due to the incessant rain for the last few weeks. keith the seed guy is making good progress and these babies will be hitting the dirt in my garden mid-may.

for you valley tomato growers - like 'fish' jimmerson, you need to plant on april 28; the official tomato planting day, and coincidentally farmer fred's bday. up here at 1900 foot elevation, we can get a pretty good frost, past that date and mid-may is chancy, but we should be good.

btw - we got about 2 inches of snow again last night on 3/24 - which we preceded by snow last weekend. stupid groundhog....


  1. Seedlings look great I didn't start any this year so I'll be store buying or trying to bum a few of Mr. Bird.


  2. I'd like to shoot that groundhog right about now...