Saturday, April 2, 2011

first swarm of 2011

i got called out last week on a swarm that scooted to wherever, before i could capture it - more common than one might think, as swarms that land on branches typically are only waiting for a better place to live. today, late in the afternoon, heading out of my garden, i spotted a swarm of bees that had settled on a pine tree.

a swarm clustered on a tree trunk isnt an easy swarm to hive. the nice fatty i punted to keith, over at bill birds, is a text book perfect swarm. a nice heavy swarm on a horizontal branch. juice them up with sugar water and 'BAM!' into the hive they drop.

this one - as you can tell, decided to take up abode along the trunk, extending vertically for about 3 feet. not an easy one to get to, much less hive. fortunately, it was on a tree which i would have to cut down sometime anyway - and no better reason than to get a swarm.

a few hacks with my loppers and i was able to lean the swarm over the hive box and dropped them in. well, they didnt drop real well - it some brushing, sugar water spraying, and more brushing and finally most of the bees were in the hive. tomorrow, they will move over to their new home.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice recovery. So, I've got room for 2 more swarms, & I think you have room for 2 as well. Who get's the rest? You know there will be more than 4 successful grabs this year. Besides being on the swarm list from the bee store we have ads in Craigslist, and I have the owner of Flor De Oro Apiary punting any swarm calls he gets to me. I've got another dude on the line after us, but he's only good for 1 more. Then what?