Thursday, October 27, 2011

7.5 gallons - hmmm baby...

yup - the weird weather didnt seem to impact honey production too much.  if you followed my 12 swarm captures (mostly from my own hives) i figured i would experience a poor honey harvest.  well, we saw a 50% increase from last year (2010 saw 5 gallons).  i also had queen issues early in the year - which i believe was the result of me swapping the brood supers - resulting in queen supersedure and subsequent swarming.

so 2012 will see no brood box swaps and as i re-queened with new world carniolans in late june, i am hoping that they will avoid swarming - as that trait is downplayed in the nwc strain. 

time will tell.

as of this week i have applied the winter prep medicine to reduce the varroa mite and have 6 strong hives.  i do have 1 hive (the 7th) that i will be break down shortly, its having wax moth issues - and that is an indicator of other factors causing a failing hive.  i will set out the honey in that hive and have the other hives rob it and add to their winter stores.

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  1. Well, it certainly sounds like you know what you're doing! Good job on the increase in production. Love your updates.