Thursday, October 27, 2011

other projects this summer

well, i finally fenced in the back property line.  the neighbor wanted the fence in, i hadnt prioritized it - we did some horse-trading. 

end result?

3 big grey pines dropped in the backyard.  these trees were leaners (~60-80 feet tall) and when we had the 18 inches of snow during the winter of '09 - they were leaning too far for my comfort over my boat.

so with a little quid pro quo - he got a fence in sooner and i got 3 huge trees cutdown.  pretty sweet.  i even found a taker for the wood - so my boys and i got it cut and stacked and the wood is now up in pollock pines ready to keep someones house warm.

i have some pretty cool pix of the fence and the guy up in the tree - but for life of me i can t make this blog take them vertically - even though they show up properly on my desktop.  go figure.  so you get to see 3 of my fav guys who helped out on the project.  (l-r) austin, andrew and jed. 

and thats my boat to the far right.

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