Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 swarm season has started

received a few calls - picked up a swarm in shingle last weekend and this one in my backyard the same day.  i know of two other swarms issued from my hives - didnt see them take off, but saw the aftermath.  both - they were fatties - 30 feet up in my neighbors pine trees.

hoping he didnt see them before they took off to thier new home.

always a challenge, but for some reason i like the bugs; stingers and all....

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  1. I have not had another swarm call yet and it's just KILLING ME. My new yellow hive is ready to go, Garry. My first swarm is doing great! Very active today after three straight days of pounding rain down here. Although I haven't checked the hive yet (it's a little muddy), I see evidence that new brood has emerged. The little guys are hungry!