Monday, April 30, 2012

and it starts now....

early saturday morning saw me out in the garden, roto-tilling the beds.  2 bags of chicken poo per bed  and 10 minutes with the mantis tiller and these beds are ready to grow.  11 of the 12 beds were raked smooth and ready for planting.

the twelfth was a little too close to the bee hives and the ladies werent in the proper disposition to allow me at the bed to finish it up. ah - another task for an early morning visit to the garden this week.

picture #1 - garden in flight, weeds piled up, beds roto-tilled but in disarray.

picture #2 - ready for seeds.

tomatoes go in - starting tonight.

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  1. Mr. Erck,

    You should have seen the Pantoya brothers in action this past weekend, pouring a layer of cement within inches of the hive opening -- and the colony in full flight mode thanks to the warm day. Would you guess that they didn't even bat an eyelash (do bees have eyelashes?)? When the work crew came over the next day to spray water on the finished product, the bees came out for the shower and loved every second of it. Not one sting. Not even so much as a buzz. The Pantoya brothers earned a couple of golden bears as a bonus.