Friday, June 7, 2013

1 month into it

well - post #2 for 2013 is in the books.  i just doubled last years production.  how's that for setting a low bar?

all is well in the garden - no failures.  tomatoes are finally seeing some sets.  we have had quite a range of weather over the last month - from 37 degree morning temps to 105 this weekend; the fact that all is well, is indeed a miracle.

this years menu is a bit more limited than in previous years.  only ten tomato plants.

yep - thats right only ten.  and that is from the guy who planted 41 plants 4 years ago.  i also did away with beans, radish, corn, melons.  its not that i didnt enjoy them, but rarely got to the garden to pick them when ready.

so this year i decided to be a better judge of what i could do, save some water and effort and hopefully still have a good year.

here she is 1 month into the growing season.

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