Wednesday, May 8, 2013

well, well, well - he decides to show up

yup - i have been a bad blogger....  bad, bad, bad.

but what really gets me going on this blog is when the new growing season starts.  and start, it has.

all of the beds have been planted and seven yards of bark has been spread in the walking areas around the beds.  the 2012/2013 winter was a dry one for us in northern california - so my reduction to only 10 tomatoes is a good thing.  over all things are looking up for the garden, i seem to have a pretty good population of ladybugs and their larvae roaming around.

some of last years challenges were cukes and squash which were being devoured by sowbugs/pillbugs as they seedlings emerged from the soil.  i am preemptively spreading OMRI certified iron phosphate and hopefully that will solve the problem.

so heres essentially day one for the 2013 garden.  i do have hopes of keeping things updated here. 

heres hoping you have a green year too!


  1. I've been a bad blogger also. Limited time and an old computer kept me out for awhile. I made a few posts after I bought a new computer but the stress of using the new Photobucket has kept me out. I guess I'll pay for a photo hosting service as I do miss blogging.

  2. Missed both you guys a ton. Garry, glad to see you're back in business! The blogosphere needs more guy action. Not that kind of action. You know what I mean.