Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4

yes keith, i do have potatoes. however, i didnt order them from seed savers - i purchased them from my local nursery. front yard nursery, located in el dorado, is the source for my spuds. buying these local, eliminates shipping costs - which can be relatively high for seed potatoes (in quantity).

its been a while since i have grown them. while i lived in cameron park, the soil had a high clay content and made growing them a challenge - typically resulting in a bunch of smallish potatoes. i did amend the soil, but deemed it wasnt worth the effort in the limited space i had.

But, now i have the space and will dedicate at least 1 bed to these delightful plants. i purchased the following varieties:
all blue
red la soda
yukon gold
yellow fin
yukon gold happens to be my families favorite. its always fun to eat different colored food - bring-on the blue french fries!

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  1. Sweet! Did you know you can grow these up too? These tubers will grow in just about anything that is dark including hay. Check out Mother Earth news. This is one of my brothers favorite sites and the linked article has info on how to grow your potatoes in hay or straw. Personally I would use the more expensive alfalfa but I dig alfalfa.
    The Garden Guy has also written an article about this.