Tuesday, March 10, 2009

first order to seedsavers.org

in case i havent been clear, i am very anxious to get going on this years vegetable garden. i have always been interested in odd-ball varieties of vege's - so this year i placed my first order from the seed savers exchange. they offer hundreds of heirloom varieties that are sure to please. this is what i ordered for my 2009 garden:


purple dragon carrot
royalty purple pod bean - bush
bean purple pod bean - pole
rattle snake snap bean - pole
japanese climbing cucumber
early silver line melon
thelma sanders sweet potato squash
table queen squash
waltham butternut squash
plum purple radish
early scarlet globe radish
golden midget watermelon

i also took the opportunity to order tomato starts - their price was comparable to local prices, even considering shipping costs. so i will see how well these 'mailed' tomatoes do. here are this years picks:

hungarian heart
gold medal
german pink
cherokee purple

i am planning on 30-36 tomato plants, so as you can see my local nursery will still get the majority of my gardening dollars.

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  1. Outstanding but I didn't see anything about purple potatoes? What's up with that you slacker? FYI, my mother-in-law raised some pretty nice and tasty purple potatoes in a raised bed one year. We diced and planted 12 in a bed about the same size as the ones you have -- and it was totally worth it. Best advice, throw some alfalfa over them as the greens start getting lush and these tubers will take off. My next garden will have room for sweet potatoes. Yum yum.

    Check out Potatoes HERE