Thursday, March 26, 2009

and then there was one.....

thats all folks... its been awhile since i have been able to blog a bit. work activities over the past few weeks has prevented blogging or work in the garden.

BUT the last bed has been set and subsequently filled with 2 yards of soil. so it looks like the garden for 2009 will be have all hands on deck with all 12 beds ready. next steps for the garden will have to interleave with many other tasks, but will include:
final grade work around the beds. recent rains exposed drainage issues that need to be corrected to ensure standing water doesnt rest against the beds.
cedar bark will be brought in and spread around the garden to finish the area nicely and equally important to keep the dust down.
the final side of the fence needs to be installed and when that is in, i will investigate an electric fence to help keep the deer at bay. tomato planting day is april 28 (farmer fred's bday), so it looks like we will be there with bells on.

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  1. Looks great Garry! Looking forward to seeing your progress continue.