Sunday, May 31, 2009

mole removal.....

no sign of any gophers or moles on my property in 5 years - and a couple months after the beds go in with nice soil and BAM! - i get this:

inspite of chicken wire across the bottom of the beds - all screwed to the trex, the buggers found thier way in. so this fall i may be pulling the dirt and installing a better metal barrier in each bed - something i am not looking forward to.

in the mean time, i got the word from farmer fred (todays kfbk show, just after 9) that castor oil is the most effective way to control the critters. so off to front yard nursury i went and bought granules and liquid forms of the oil, as well as a manual trap that - hopefully will - you know.....


  1. Garry,

    When I lived on my acre and a half in Madera, I had moles everywhere. I've found that, if you can tolerate them, that fake Russian Blue cats are WONDERFUL at hunting down moles. Fake Russian Blues can be hard to find, and some of them still might have the Russian Blue gene still in them. I know my Dusty knocked out my gopher problem in less than a year. Those that didn't move out in terror became lunch/dinner -- you name it. But they do work wonders.

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