Sunday, May 31, 2009

omg - has it been a month already?

geesh - its amazing how fast it goes by and - BAM! the blog is way out of date. oh - on top of that the usb cable for the camera - suddenly went AWOL and the usual culprits (ages 7 &11) claim they have never seen it....go figure. so today i steal the wife's usb deal to get me back online.

well, lets recap; we left our garden action hero building a compost bin and this was the first weekend in may. when out of the blue - we get an extremely rainy weekend that completely blew my schedule. but the bin did get built and we have started throwing in the greens and the browns.

fast forward a couple weeks and the bin gets done and so does a lot of other things. and i now have some unwanted visitors. more to come.

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