Friday, June 5, 2009

picked up a swarm a few days ago...

got a frantic call from the taco bell in folsom, they had a swarm and the bee store gave them my name. by the description from the manager - this was a huge swarm and they couldnt have it there. off goes - captain apiary to the rescue. when i got there, i was a bit disappointed to find about 3/4 cup of bees hanging off a branch.

i knocked them into my swarm box and came back in the evening, once the bees settled in, and picked up the hive.

i wasnt even sure there was a queen in there. the bees were behaving like they had one, but i couldnt find her until tonight. she hasnt started laying and doesnt appear to be too well mated (a well mated queen will have a larger abdomen).

for your viewing pleasure here she is - the queen is circled in blue. she appears to be carniolan. hopefully she will lay and this small hive may make it. but i'm not holding my breath.


  1. Feed those bees! Congrats! Much better than shelling out coin like I did!

  2. they got the food, bill - however, she isnt laying and its only a matter of time....