Thursday, April 30, 2009

the next big project

once the compost bin is completed and the vegetables are in the garden - this is my next focus.

this is the lower area of the yard, which due to budget priorities, hasnt been landscaped beyond the core trees (crab apples - great spring and fall color) and bark. the plant growing on the wall is virginia creeper (great fall color) - but it doesnt do well growing on the wall - these will be pulled and replaced with boston ivy.

rocks will be placed strategically in the area and plants will be landed among the rocks. i will be using the same varieties of plants as i did in the upper yard - yellow babrberry, purple barberry, veronica, streibes findling cottoneaster - but in larger varieties than above - as the plants need to scale better with the wall and also need to 'pop' when viewed from the court. right now, my driveway looks like a nursery, as i have been accumulating plants as i find them at the local big box stores and mom and pop nurseries. i learned a few years ago - you better get the plant when you find it - or you will be wishin' you did.


  1. I've made the mistake of not buying plants (especially when I need a lot of the same variety)- I actually did that with my barberry- bought 6 one month, planned on coming back the following month for more and they were all gone. Went to another nursery and bought what I thought was the same kind- and they weren't! Not even close! Can't wait to see what you come up with for that space though- your yard is beautiful!

  2. thankyou carri - as i mentioned i learned it too. thats why i have 6 nyssa trees inmy driveway - even though i am months away from being able to plant them. i found them at a good price. i did all the work - the trenches for the footings were jack hammered out and all fill dirt and topsoil was wheelbarrowed in. probably upwards of 100 yards i lost rack well after 80 yards.