Sunday, June 14, 2009

6/14 garden update

i have been gone for 3 days. when i visit the garden daily, i dont notice much change - but skip 3 days and BAM! - major growth is noticed. all beds are doing well.

all 41 tomato plants are growing well, with many over 3 feet tall. all finally got caged today - with the late addition of 4 Texas cages - as a gift from my in-laws. i wouldnt say the plants are loaded with green tomatoes, but there are plenty to keep my interest. these are the true queen of the garden. thats jed (the wonder dog) - checking out the garden too.

the cucumber starts have 2 cukes to show for their efforts - and these puppies will be harvested in the next week or so.

the climbing cukes (from seed) are about 4 inches tall and will soon begin to climb the trellis (small plants to the left of the giant zuke leaves). the zucchini continue their rampage thru the bed and i have removed leaves that have encroached the other plants - this wont happen next year.

corn is running about 12 inches tall - and although it seems to be a bed frequented by the mole - we havent lost any to the critter. this is burpee's sugar pearl, burpee claims it rivals silver queen in flavor - and is 20 days earlier. will advise if that is true - also i forgot to plant them in staggered fashion - so i will be eating a lot of corn at one time!

beans are doing well, with the climbers starting to grasp the tee-pee trellis'.

the squash and watermelon are doing ok. 3 diff winter squash are in there - waltham butternut, table queen (acorn) and thelma sanders (acorn). the watermelon is golden midget - all of these are heirloom from seed savers.

potatoes are tall and the flowers are starting to show on the plants - anyone know when i should harvest? - short of digging and looking for tubers? i thought it is when the greens start to fade - but need info - and failed to call in to fred's show to ask the question.


  1. Everything is looking great. You have such a beautiful garden. It was fun getting a peek!

  2. I am continually amazed at your garden and how far along all the gardens EXCEPT mine are!

    As for potatoes, I believe when the top growth begins to die back is when you'll want to start digging for tubers. Before that and they won't be maximized, but after that you risk watering them to death when they are truly done.