Friday, June 5, 2009

note to self.....

zucchini (summer squash) should be in a bed by themselves. so - rule #1 - only plant zucchini in a bed where it will not over run other plants. rule #2 - if you think you can sneak an extra zucchini into any bed, refer to rule #1....

other than an over run zucchini - i got a shot of my tallest tomato. everything is doing well and the tomatoes have just rocketed. we have few slower ones, but the one pictured here is a great white hybrid and is the tallest in the garden to date. nearly 3 feet tall in less than a month after going into the ground.

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  1. Hi Gary. I chuckled to myself while I read your post because I recently made the same mental "note to self" regarding summer squash. In the past I have grown zucchini in containers and once in an informal bed at the back of the yard as an after thought. The containers limited the sprawl and the back bed was really just an experiment to see if there was enough sun in that corner of the yard and to determine if anything would grow in dirt that hadn't received much in the way of soil improvement. This year I've got one in a raised bed and I now fear for the neighboring eggplant as the zucchini plant marches ever outward -- seemingly doubling its reach on a daily basis!