Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 gardening year in review, part 3


what a great year. i tried potatoes at my last house, but the heavy clay soil that dominated my cameron park garden - pretty much inhibited potato growth. i ended up with a grocery sack of small potatoes. they were prolific, but very small. i pretty much gave up on them there.

fast forward to 2009. raised beds, fluffy topsoil and -ta, da! it was a magnificent year for spuds. i planted my 4x16 foot bed (the largest in my garden) with seed potatoes and the results speak for themselves. we planted yellow, red and blue varieties and all produced well.

i harvested 3 boxes of the tubers and - as God as my witness - they were the best tasting potatoes i have eaten. sweet and tasty. we got a very good number of large potatoes, lots of medium sized and a whole load of smallies - which are perfect for crock pot cooking.

seed potatoes are available in mid-december at front yard nursery, and you can bet i will be in line getting mine for 2010.

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