Saturday, October 10, 2009

edible landscape potential...

i am lucky to have an area large enough for a little mini orchard. for those homeowners that dont have space set aside for an orchard, integrating fruits and vegetables into their landscape is a viable option.

one challenge is fruit. there are many fruit tree varieties that are suitable for landscape purposes, but most also tend to be wide. when i was designing my front yard, i ran across a flowering plum, which had good fall color and great spring color - and offers a growth habit that many homeowners will find useful.

the crimson pointe flowering plum's growth pattern is columnar, which allows for planting into narrow side yards or can be placed in other tight areas that may be a challenge for tree planting.

most flowering plums produce small, tart, pretty much inedible plums. not this one.

crimson pointe flowering plum produces a mid-size plum, that is very sweet, juicy and has good hang time. i found this tree by accident and now have 8 of these worked into my front yard landscape. these trees are available from monrovia and also dave wilson nurseries.

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