Monday, October 12, 2009

current project

i am working in the backyard. even though the front yard isnt done.

you see, i have started planting trees on the hillside next to the house and i dont want to have to hand water these trees, 3 times a week for a few years. so i have to get the water system in that will serve the hillside.

my challenge - i had to jack hammer trenches to get the pipes in; the dirt on my hill is hard and rocky and seems to bend shovels over at will. i also had to design the layout of the sprinkler system and doing so, while kinda guestimating what my plans are for landscape will be (not 100% jelled yet) and leaving some flexibility with watering options available for future changes. the photo included here is the 10 station controllers and manifold which will feed water to the entire backyard. the entire yards will be drip irrigation. i am dropping pipe into the trenches and stubbing them out for future drip stations.

my back yard will not have any grass. it is a slope, which is always a challenge with turf and i just dont want to mow more grass than i do now. i will have several raised beds and i will be working in boulders, trees, shrubs and ground cover - which if it meets my 'vision' will be deer tolerant, moderate in its water needs and provide 4 season color.

i also have a good population of established pines (digger's and ponderosa's), oak and manzanita which i want to work into the design so they all mesh.


  1. WOW! Ten freaking stations? And I thought I went overboard with eight! You're keeping the PVC pipe industry in business Garry!

  2. sounds like we both have black belt's in pvc. learned the hardway at my last house - you cant have too many controllers.