Sunday, May 23, 2010

its done been dripped

it sure doesnt look like much, but it took the better part of two days to get the new drip irrigation into the beds.

whats new?

i have tacked the 1/2 inch main line to the new kiester boards, keeping it out of the dirt. i added a cut-off valve on each bed, as i have found that as harvest time rolls thru, i dont need to waste water on a bed with no growing vegetables.

originally, the 1/2 inch main line was only extended down one side of the bed, with the new design, i extended the 1/2 inch main line onto 3 of the four sides. this will allow me to position the drip sprayers and get better coverage than i was able to get last year.

i'm thinkin' this new design is gonna work out real fine.

1 comment:

  1. I have a similar design Garry -- but mine are buried about a half inch below soil level -- held to the side of the beds with half inch electrical clamps and screws. So far -- it's worked pretty darn well. Oh sure -- there's always that one sprayer that gets jammed up with a piece of dirt and needs to be replaced. Goes with the territory I guess. I tend to cut my smaller lines leading out to the sprinklers long. This gives me additional room if I have to cut off an inch to replace a jammed drip head.