Sunday, May 23, 2010

kiester boards

just over a year ago - i advised you of my test installation of top boards on a raised bed.

the project came up again this year as i was re-engineering the drip irrigation of my beds and realized that to take the drip to the next level, i would have to have the kiester boards installed prior to dropping in the drip.

farmer fred recommends one uses 2x6's, but my original plan was to use 2x4 redwood lumber - primarily because it was cheaper and i am - well, cheap. and i figured 2x4 would be ok. as i found out 2x4 was barely adequate - but i would make it work. there was barley enough room for a cheek, but cost is sometimes the over ruling factor.

luck would have it, but one year later - by a pure fluke of economics and maybe some sort of other-world vortex in the lumber industry; right now, 2x6's are cheaper than 2x4's.

go figure.

so i bought the required lumber and spent 2 days installing my new kiester boards. 2x6 is definitely more butt friendly than 2x4 and it was cheaper - itsa win-win. my wallet approves, the cheeks approve - and the 2x6 is actually quite comfy and the beds are now 100% complete.

the 12 beds are in and done. now to move on to new drip.

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