Sunday, May 23, 2010

tomatoes on the ground

i have mixed feelings on this. as this screwy weather is so unpredictable, its just plain risky putting tomatoes in the garden - and its late may!

so today, i planted 3 tomatoes and set them up with walls-o-water.

usually, early planting with this device would be march or possibly into early april. this would set the plants up for a jump start in may, when the walls-o-water would be pulled off and - walla! you have giganto plants and tomatoes in june.

if i did such a thing this year, i would have had a real problem. most likely would have had plants taller than the walls and - BAM, a frost like we have had over the last few weeks and then a dead plant. frontyard nursery did the walls-o-water thing back in february and it snowed - even walls-o-water cant help with that. the snow filled in from the top and that equals sad tomatoes.

whoda thunk i would be worried about frost and tomatoes in may. lets see how this rolls.

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  1. The weather in a word for this week: Shi**y. I cannot believe this lack of a spring Garry. I thought we'd be through this by now -- but rain and cold into June seems like a real possibility now. In all of my 46 years growing up in the San Joaquin Valley -- I cannot remember a spring this cold.