Monday, April 4, 2011

1950's era documentary on beekeeping

this short clip is certainly dated, but i long for an era - in which i never lived, and perhaps its viewed with rose colored glasses. but it seems the 1950's just was a good time to live, simpler life, safer world (after all - we just stomped on the bad guys in ww2) and the classic leave it to beaver presentation just resonates with me. production values are low, but this is the type of movie we would watch at elementary school back in the 1970's. before digital - everything was analog, very analog. the info is still relevant. enjoy!

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  1. Garry, I was around in the '50s, and although it was probably simpler and safer, it wasn't "golden". Although we had beaten the bad guys, there was a whole new bad guy on the scene, and he had A-bombs. Backyard bomb shelters and school bomb drills went a long way toward making people feel unsafe and insecure.