Saturday, April 16, 2011


this is the one left behind - the one a few feet down, which hopefully will still be there sunday morning for me to capture.

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  1. Look at you Mr. Beekeeper. No wonder you haven't made the trip down. There's no need. Looks like the swarm activity at my pad is over for now. Swarm #4 went to a Romanian gentleman -- who took a good look in my hive too. I have about four or five frames that are still covered, but the numbers are nowhere what they were. Still -- those frames are covered with brood. As it turns out Garry, the second deep has been reserved for nothing but honey. The Romanian guy says I've got to get that out of there, or the bees won't bother with the deep at the top. So, should you and your extractor bee in the neighborhood, there's about 10 gallons here...