Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fencing it in....

this week i got back on task and decided that the fence was the next step. post holes dug pretty quick with no major (or minor for that matter) rocks or roots to hold up process. as you can see, most of the posts are set and awaiting concrete.

one more 8 foot post is needed as well as two, 12 foot posts that will define the entrance arbor. during the building process, i have been noodling on how i will build the gate. i have built gates from scratch with all wood and have also used a metal brace kit available at local box stores. for strength over time, the kits seem to last better than the scratch built gate, but the kit hinges tend to be less robust than what i have used in the past - even so, i will probably lean towards the kit.

tonight(4/1/09) i have a boy scout meeting with my oldest son, so thursday night will be the next chance for progress. fishing on saturday will slow progress, but by sunday evening - i hope to have all fence posts set in concrete. with a planned tomato plant date of 4/28, enclosing this garden in comes none too soon. i will feel a lot better knowing the deer have to do more than just saunter in and nibble on my plants, for an easy meal. mr. deer - your number is up, you will have to find another buffet for your meal!

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