Friday, April 16, 2010


called out on a large swarm in folsom yesterday. with the bee diseases, large swarms are a rarity these days. but i sure appreciate them when i can get them. and as usual, i wasnt prepared. i should have a nuc, frames and capture gear in my car so i can just head over and pick them up.

i didnt.

so up the hill to diamond springs and back down the hill to folsom i had to go. it was worth it.

the swarm was very docile - as expected no stings. the swarm was knocked out of the bush and totally missed the hive. seems my trajectory calcs were a bit off, but the bees and i took it in stride and they started marching into their new home.

the owner of the house, who made the call, turned out to be a gardener and did the fish emulsion/organic thing; so we had a lot to talk about while waiting for the bees to organize themselves.

he has started his seeds in the ground and they have already popped out. all in all, it was a nice experience to get some bees and talk tomatoes with a friendly guy. his boys were real nice kids and all were very interested in the bees and what was going on in thier backyard.


  1. Dang it Garry! When are you going to let me in on this action?

  2. bill - planning on 5 hives here at the house. i have 2, buying one from sac bee keeping and that leaves 2 more swarms. if i get beyond that i will punt some bees your way.