Saturday, April 17, 2010


well you cant count your chickens before their hatched, same thing goes for swarms - but if i get this one home , we will be well along at re-establishing the apiary i gave up when we moved to diamond springs.

this swarm thought it wanted to live in serrano. a rather posh, ritzy, way too expensive for my income place to live - and its behind gates, which makes it extra special. well the serrano folks dont take kindly to bees trying to take up residence in their neighborhood. this is a second swarm i got a call from in this area. thats ok, their loss is my gain.

it was another good sized swarm, not as big as folsom's but i will take it. about 3 feet off the ground on a small oak tree. a few snips of some limbs, a few squirts of sugar water and 'BAM' right onto the ground.

you guessed it, trajectory calcs were off again.

the bees survived, i pulled out with only one minor sting and if the bees stay in the hive when i go back to pick them up, we will put this in the win column. my goal is 5 hives - i am buying a nuc from sac beekeeping supply and hope to get 4 swarms - only one left to fill my quota. after that - mr. bird in natomas, swarm #5 has your name written all over it.


  1. Garry,

    We pulled out a single frame last night and harvested about 5 lbs. of pure, fresh, wonderful honey without the use of a separator. We did it the old fashioned way (wire mesh).

    I've got a big jar of honey for you if perhaps we move up to the #4 slot (but you get just as much at #5 -- cause the way you're going? You're going to hit #5 by next weekend).

    This means we'd better get the other nine frames cleaned out because they are just as heavy with capped honey.

    Do you prefer comb honey or pure?

  2. well i thankyou for your offer - but you may want to save some of that for the new bees so they dont have to work so hard. but if you are so inclined, i prefer it pure.


  3. Dude, Gary- you are CRAZY. I don't think I would go anywhere near a swarm of bee's. In fact I'm POSITIVE I wouldn't.

  4. carri - it kinda grows on you, very rarely do i have issues w/ swarms. they call me the bee whisperer :)