Tuesday, April 13, 2010

cuttin' up the spuds

the seed potatoes have really started to push their eyes and it was time to slice and dice them - to allow the potato to harden off its newly cut side.

you can cut a seed potato into smaller portions, if each portion has at least 1 eye. the eye is source of the new plant and your future potatoes - no eye = no plant, just a rotting unproductive seed potato. the healing will make the tuber a bit more robust when it is placed into the dirt in a few weeks. the spuds typically scar over in about a week with normal household kitchen temperatures.

there are four varieties of taters laid in those pans. if you have fluffy soil - you should really consider planting potatoes, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. We didn't even allow our seed potatoes to scar at all Garry. Venus just cut them up and planted them an hour later. Monster harvest! Monster potatoes! Looks like you've cut up a lot more than we're doing!