Sunday, April 11, 2010

first swarm of 2010

got my first swarm call and was able to hive it up and take it home. attached is a very fuzzy picture of the swarm ball i picked up in edh.

its was a text book swarm, nice height in the middle of a plant. i sprayed the swarm ball with sugar water. this makes the bees less likely to fly and the sugar gets their attention to cleaning up themselves and away from the guy who is trying to box them up in a new home.

i cut back some branches and knocked the swarm ball into the hive, topped it off and went home for the night. the next day, i picked up the hive and now it sits up in the orchard.


  1. Garry,

    Should you get any other calls for swarms? Please keep me in mind!

  2. bill, once i get a few swarms planted in my backyard i will let you know.