Sunday, April 11, 2010

tomato update

seems like these plants are growing inches per day. it was time to move the tomatoes from their small pots to larger pots. so i re-potted the plants into 1 gallon pots. the soil is an organic mix, purchased from the front yard nursery - to which i added a small dose of dr. earth vegetable fertilizer.

cutting off the low leaves and deep planting the starts, we begin to develop the hair roots along the main stem of the plant. the transplant to the 1 gallon pot will be the last one and the next move will be into the raised beds - most likely the first part of may - where the starts, will again have the lower leaves snipped off and planted into a deep hole.

a word of caution, make sure the soil you purchase is fully composted. i learned this the hard way a few years ago, when the 'top soil' was still actively composting and was way too warm to plant into. end result - had to buy new plants.

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