Sunday, April 5, 2009

6 boards short.....

this weekend saw some decent progress on the fence, all of the posts were placed and set in concrete by friday evening, so fishing on saturday didnt hinder progress on the fence as it gave a full day for the concrete to harden up. i was out side before 8:00 am and by 8:30 i was cranking up the volume on farmer fred's show and putting in the fence.

this morning all of my boys were recruited on the project. the oldest was in charge of slathering on the thompsons waterseal on the boards and the youngest took the lead in hauling up the boards so i could cut the semi-circles at the top.

the gate is next, well - the last 6 boards too; to be exact. cedar bark will quickly follow and this portion of the garden project will be in the books. next stop, actual planting of my vege's. april 28 - 23 days away and my tomatoes go in the ground. yipee!


  1. Garry, Always happy to find another local garden blogger. I look forward to seeing the progress of your garden, 12 raised beds! That's quite a bit of real estate. Best Wishes, Christine

  2. christine - i enjoy local bloggers too, my first was gardenpunks and then bill birds blog (i follow both - and now yours) i have some updates, but the past week or so has been real busy - up at 4 to work, boyscouts other stuff, etc. i have managed to throw 12 yard of bark into the garden, which will be reflected in the blog as soon as i get time.