Sunday, April 19, 2009

vegies on one side and deer on the other...

the fence and the gate are now in. my orchard is safe, my vegies will be safe - all is good with the world. fully enclosed, the garden is now 100% ready for the 2009 garden.

tasks are still on the list to get the garden - i still need to finish throwing bark in the garden, build the location where the future beehives will bee (heehee).

i have been trying to get back into the bee business for the last couple years, but just couldnt carve off the time. now that the garden is enclosed, i have saved an area which will be perfect for bees. i get my bees from sacramento beekeeping supply - on 21st and x, down in sacto. now that the main part of the garden project is complete i know - 2010 will be the year of bees for me!


  1. I am impressed with your ambitious garden projects!

    PS - It's fun to hear you call into Farmer Fred for the Garden Grappler. Small world.

  2. katie - thx for the compliment, it seems that i have to have a project and this garden filled the bill - without a project i get restless (ask my wife).

  3. They have extra packages of bees at Sacramento Beekeeping Supply Garry....Not to tempt you or anything...But they are there now, and looking for a home....