Sunday, April 19, 2009

throwin' bark...

the only local place that carries the size of fence boards i use, is lowes - in folsom. as i am still under the habit of not driving unnecessarily - picked up when gas was in the $4 range and owning a truck that gets 10mpg ( a round trip to folsom under high gas prices cost me over $20) - i decided to wait until i went to work on monday to get the boards.

so, i decided to start barking in the garden (no, i wasnt standing up there howling like a dog - i turned a noun into a verb - much like the noun-turned-verb = audibalize, as invented by john madden). i can carry 3 yards of bark in my truck and lets just say that 4 trips to the landscape yard, didnt even come close to completing the garden area.

the shot on the right shows about 1/3 of the garden barked in. i did go deep (4-5 inches thick) as i will be walking on the bark a lot and know it will get squashed down quite a bit.

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