Sunday, April 19, 2009

today, i was caller #2

well, being number 2 isnt bad, particularly - when #5 is the real winner. todays garden grappler on get growing with farmer fred - was a question relating to tomatoes - 'name a tomato named after a person'.

i just happen to have had a tomato growers supply catalog handy, so perusing the pages and speed dialing the radio station, (how is that for garden geekiness - a tomato catalog handy and kste on the cel's speed dial) i was queued up and hopeful to get the coveted #5 spot. my hopes were dashed, when he tapped me as #2. my answer 'paul robeson' - which the fred described verbatim from the catalog. 'One of the most highly regarded black tomatoes, this one features medium sized deep maroon fruits that are free of most blemishes and cracking.'

well callers 1-4, got a handy dandy handout, courtesy of 'the fred' - and it is appreciated. caller #5 got a $50 gift cert for soil products at emeigh hardware - also a very nice deal. its always fun to get on the air - and in case you run across the podcast - its on - keyword farmer fred, it was in the first hour of that show.

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