Monday, April 20, 2009

thier first night out

we are experiencing some unseasonably warm weather. sunday it was 90 degrees and is predicted to be close to 90 the next few days - before dropping sharply to the 60-70's (where it should be).

i have been hardening off my starts over the past few weeks, by placing them outside each morning. nights have been very cool and we had a hard frost last tuesday and as a result all of the plants have come into the garage each night - this will prevent them from getting nipped by frost, but the garage is still not much protection against the general cold. so last night, with the abnormally warm weather - i left my plants out.

its a risk, but i took it.

farmer fred states that you shouldnt leave your plants out until the nights consistently stay above 50 degrees. my temps have been in the mid forties - except for that frost last week. that frost which could have killed or severely maimed my plants. this morning we were in the low 50's so i knew we were ok.

toughen up plants - i need you ready for planting in a few weeks.


  1. It's actually too darn HOT for them right now Garry!

  2. tey have been outsie during the day for almost 2 weeks, and so far no losses. hoping it stays that way.