Sunday, April 19, 2009

the big frame up

lets be real, this project will taper on for a bit as i dial in details - which arent necessary to 1. either keeping the deer out or 2. making vegies green.

my plan all along was to put 2x4's along the top of the beds - it will finish the beds off nicely and provide a seating surface when i am working the bed. given my project budget - i didnt want to burn money on a portion of the garden - that was purely show and not for grow.

but i figured i would set one up to see how it looks. i was impressed - it finished off the bed, far nicer than i anticipated and now i am planning on installing the 2x4's on all beds; way ahead of schedule. it will not be a budget buster, but somethings will get delayed as a result.

on the plus side, the added height (about 1.5 inches) will go far in leveling out the dirt in the beds. when i loaded the dirt in, i mounded it in the middle, in anticipation of settling. well, the dirt didnt settle as much as i anticipated so i will have some spare dirt. and i dont want to be removing any dirt, so it looks like the bed framing project will commence - post haste.

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