Thursday, February 19, 2009

2007 - a decent tomato season and an idea is born

2007's tomato season turned out to better from a couple of aspects. there was no improvement in the garden area, as 2007 was dedicated to the completion of the front yard landscaping - but taking the ques from 2006, i planted 12 tomato plants and did so in amended holes.

what a world of difference....

production was pretty good, i tended to be a bit heavy on heirloom varieties, this year, thus my numbers werent as big as they could be - but i did now know that with properly amended soil, i could get a decent crop of tomatoes. as for varieties - i didnt write them down, but henceforth will do so in this blog. and i will also be sure i have plenty of tried and true hybrid varieties to off-set unpredictable heirloom production.

this was the year that i saw a garden setup that i knew was for me. historically, my garden has performed yeoman duty - producing well in the summer, but when fallow it was an eyesore. that summer, i found a program called 'fresh from the garden', hosted by joe lamp'l on the diy network.

he had a garden, based upon raised beds that produced well and was pleasing to the eye. raised beds solved 2 of my problems - eye appeal and better soil. in addition, he had several good ideas on how to setup various types of trellises that will be handy in my garden.

now that i had an idea of what i was going to do, i would have some to time to let the ideas stew up in my noodle - and like stew, pizza, chili - ideas - seem to get better over time, as i think out problems and more importantly opportunities in my head. things i pondered about - what to make the beds out of, layout of the beds, sizes, how to overcome my slope and much, much more.

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