Thursday, February 19, 2009

2008 - the year of the garden

the title gives it away. while there are still projects elsewhere in the yard, that would get my attention in 2008 - the future garden area would finally be getting a slice of my time and progress would be made.

but, it would be a, while - a long while before the first bed would be seen.

even with the manzanita cleared out (see previous posts) there was a lot of prep work - aka infrastructure - to get in place before even one bed could be layed out. may as well start at the beginning....

my backyard is up on a hill AND there is no water stubbed out up there. the last few years, i have been watering my tomatoes via a 150 foot hose - strung up the hill - this would have to change for a full fledged garden; as well as (drum roll please) my orchard! thats right, i have a penchant for fruit trees and my area was big enough for trees and veges. more on the fruit trees later.

so, with jack hammer in hand - i trenched my way up the hill, getting to the top. in addition to the 1 inch water line - i was also running conduit in the trench to get electricity into the back yard. trust me you want to make as much use of a given trench as possible - digging isnt a task i enjoy too much. oh, these trenches were dug by hand, i.e a jackhammer and shovel work - no ditch witches, trenchers etc - i had a budget that couldnt afford $200 to rent those labor saving devices; no matter how much time they would have saved. we have water - whats next?

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