Thursday, February 19, 2009

the first summer - part 1

as i mentioned, we moved to the new house in february 2005. after a pretty wet spring, i got started on tasks to reshape the new yard. the house was new construction and in our area, landscaping was not included in the price.

the first project was putting up the fence. this started in march and continued until mid summer. challenges included bedrock type surface near the house, requiring a jackhammer to bust out fence post holes. fence money ran out by july and this put in fence on both sides of the house going back to the rear property line - thats right, it didnt enclose the backyard (and still doesnt). we need to keep the dog within the confines of the yard and thankfully the zappy collars that zing his neck when he gets too close to the wire which surrounds the house has proven enough to keep him at home.

as a side bar, over time we have extended the wire - essentially giving him more territory, but he has it ingrained that he experienced discomfort at a certain point in the yard. so it takes awhile for him to learn that he can go into areas that were, previously, unavailable to him. once we can coax him to a new area, he gets pretty excited to be there checking out new smells and being generally mr. sniffy for awhile. next - summer projects...

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